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Why I Decided To Start 'The Write Words Podcast'

When I was at school, all my report cards read ‘Exceptional student. A pleasure to teach. Conscientious, but she talks too much.’ I am now forty-five years of age and anyone who knows me will tell you, not much has changed.

Over the past year and a bit, I have been working hard trying to build my author platform and connect with other creative souls. I enjoy chatting with other writers about their experience, and the inspiration behind their work.

I already interview authors on my blog, so I thought, why not start a podcast where I can share their stories over an audio platform? I have recorded two episodes so far, and it has been wonderful to hear people’s voices while chatting about all things writing.

Unlike the written interview process, a podcast allows for a bit of spontaneity and banter, which is great fun. There are plenty of laughs and frequent deviations from the questions. You never quite know where the interview will take you. And as mentioned above, I love to have a good natter.

I wanted to create a safe and supportive place where all writers, readers, reviewers, bloggers, industry professionals, and basically any lover of the written word, can come together and discuss everything to with books and writing.

There is an abundance of passion and talent out there within the writing community, and what better way to tap into it. Most writers love to chat about their work, so there is always plenty to talk about.

The first episode will drop on the 2nd of June. In this episode, I chat with fellow Aussie author Tamara Watson about finding our feet in the writing world. We both connected over Wattpad initially, before I took my novella titled ‘Crayons and Chaos’, off the platform, and published it on Amazon. It was this moment where my steep learning curve first began. We have since become great mates and there were lots of things we didn’t know about each other’s individual journeys as new authors, so we decided to find out.

The podcast has two cheeky little mascots, my two cavoodles named Sid and Honey. They will help me keep listeners updated on social media. Honey is very sweet and quiet and never says boo. Sid, on the other hand, likes to let us know he is around and will more than likely often be heard having something to say during a recording.



I look forward to launching the podcast next week and hope listeners enjoy the interesting chats. You can listen to the 'Trailer' and 'Meet The Host' episode here.

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