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Writer Envy And What To Do With It

Being a writer is hard work. Trying to break through as an author, even more so. Attempting to secure an agent or publisher who is interested in your work, at times, can feel like an almost impossible task.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that I have self-published three books, am currently working on two more, as well as writing an ongoing series novella on I have received some wonderful reviews, and connected with some lovely readers who enjoyed my books, but my dream of landing representation from a literary agent, and hopefully, a traditional publishing contract, is what keeps me plugging away.

Envy is a green eyed monster, and as authors, we have all felt it at one point or another. We are only mere humans after all. We want success, and it can be tough when you see others acquire something, you are busting your gut to achieve. Writers in general are a supportive group. We cheer each other on, and are genuinely happy for others when they succeed, but at times we feel jealous of others success. It’s a perfectly normal emotional reaction.

It may be that they have landed the perfect agent, been offered a publishing deal, hit a best sellers list, have over one hundred five star reviews, shared pictures of their book signing, or had over a thousand views on their last blog post. The list goes on.

It is important to understand why we feel envious of other authors. Here are just some of those reasons;

· As humans, we are vulnerable beings

· We doubt our own ability as writers

· We fear we are not good enough to ‘make it’

· We view the success of our peers as our own failure

· It’s human nature

· It’s normal to compare your own success to that of others

· It’s normal to think ‘When is it my turn?’

· We wonder why a book that was badly written, hit the New York Best Sellers List, yet we have just opened our emails to find the hundredth rejection on our manuscript

So, what should you do when the green eyed monster rears its ugly head?

· First of all, it’s OK to let yourself experience the emotion, and wallow in it for a little while, while stuffing a whole packet of Tim Tams into your face in front of the TV

· The fact that you feel envy in the first place, tells you that you want something they have. Use that as motivation to work even harder to achieve your ultimate goal

· Think about your strengths as a writer. We all have them. Remind yourself of them on a daily basis.

· Focus on what you have achieved as a writer

· Keep working on your current project

· If you let rejection be the measure of your success, it will destroy you, and in turn, your creativity

· Focus on yourself, rather than what others are doing

I love writing and will continue to create my stories. I will continue to lift other writers up and cheer them on when they succeed. I will continue to support other authors in promoting their work and sharing their triumphs. All while waiting for ‘My Turn’.

So, if like me, you have ever felt a pang of writers envy, use it to your advantage and soldier on. Your readers need you!

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