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Why I Love To Write

I love to tell the world a good story. Remember being told a bedtime story, when you were a child? The written word is one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment, and continues to be.

When writing a story, I get to create interesting characters with different personalities, conflict, drama, a humorous look at everyday life, and most importantly, a happy ending.

I am a panster, rather than a plotter. I get an idea for a story and simply write, seeing where the story will take the characters. I do not have set times where I sit down to write. I write when inspiration strikes. I have notepads everywhere. They are in every drawer, my handbag, and can often be seen lurking by the toilet. You never know when an idea will pop into your head.

Life can be full of stress, worry, and challenges. Reading an engaging story, that gives you a giggle, can be a great escape. If someone reads one of my books and laughs out loud while on the train, for their morning commute, I have achieved what I set out to do.

I am a proud Aussie, and enjoy showing the rest of the world, our sense of humour. We love to laugh at ourselves, and this element is almost always, present in my books.

Women’s fiction is lots of fun to write. My characters face relationship and self-esteem issues, triumph, tragedy, love, loss, and embarrassing mishaps, all while keeping the story light-hearted.

I enjoy sharing the following messages with my readers;

It’s OK to feel insecure at times

We all make mistakes

As women, we are all superheros, doing the best we can, despite the demands placed on us

Your partner finds you attractive, even if you feel you are not

Lean on your friends in time of need

Don't take yourself too seriously

Never lose your ability to laugh at life

I hope my readers enjoy reading my books, as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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