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Where Do Writers Find Their Inspiration?

Writers are natural dreamers who notice every little detail. We are observers, who pay close attention to the world around us.

Day to day life provides us with many ideas, a possible basis for an entertaining story. Everyday life can be filled with drama, love, laughter, grief, tragedy, and triumph.

That family conflict that occurs every Christmas day, where your dad and Uncle Bob nearly come to blows in the backyard? A great basis for a Christmas themed family drama.

Your best friend’s office romance that turned sour, ending with her dating his brother, and living happily ever after with a white picket fence, and three perfect children? A great basis for a light-hearted romantic comedy.

That epic story your parents told you about your great great grandmother, and that dark time in her life where she overcame great tragedy, making it out the other side to tell the tale? A great basis for historical fiction.

The heartache you endured when someone broke your heart, the pain your sister felt when she lost her precious baby, and the strength your boss needed to find, in order to rebuild his life after losing everything during his bitter divorce. All a great basis for an emotional tear jerker.

Your child’s triumph over the school bully, gaining their self esteem back in the process? A great basis for an inspirational children's book.

So, if you want to tell a great story, you don’t need to look very far to find inspiration. Simply keep your eyes and ears open.

A word or warning. If you know a writer, be very careful. Anything you say or do may show up in their next story, names changed, of course.

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