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Switching From Writing in First Person, to Third Person

After writing my first two book in first person point of view, I decided to challenge myself as an author and write my next book, ‘Scattered Scones’, in third person point of view.

Writing a story in third person, is a very different experience, and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying it. This point of view is less limiting, gives the writer much more freedom, and provides an opportunity to tell the story through the eyes of more than just one character.

It has allowed me to develop more pivotal characters in detail, and allow the reader to get to know them that little bit better. There is more use of dialogue and much more showing the reader, rather than simply telling.

You are able to show the reader how one character sees another. For example; in first person it might read, I wish my bum didn’t look so big in these jeans. In third person it might read, Donna wore the jeans that show of her curves, she looked great. Simon couldn’t keep his eyes off her all night.

The author gets to act as a narrator. You can tell the reader about what’s going on with every character, in a moment of time, within the story. You can tell the reader about an event before the main character finds out, which creates anticipation and drama.

Writing in third person places more action into the scenes. The writer can focus on the actions of the characters, in order to paint a more detailed account of what is happening at any given time.

First person point of view is very subjective. Third person is more objective. The author, or narrator is telling the story from the outside, rather than the inside, giving them a bird’s eye view of everything going on, like a drone hovering over all the action.

They can be all knowing, and only reveal details to the reader when they see fit. This makes it more exciting for the reader. Certain events can occur and the main character can remain oblivious, until the author decides when they find out.

While querying my book ‘Making March’, written in first person, I discovered that many, if not most literary agents are not a fan. I am hoping to have more luck with ‘Scattered Scones’ when I query it on completion. Will I write another book in first person? Probably, as I like to mix it up, and I have readers who like first person.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the creative process that is story telling.

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