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Q & A With 'The Writing Community Chat Show'

Welcome to my first blog post of the new year. Today I bring you a wonderful interview with 'The Writing Community Chat Show'. We all love a good live podcast, so lets find out more.

Tell me about yourself

Hello, I'm Christopher Aggett, and as I approach my 40th birthday, it's remarkable to reflect on the unexpected journey that led me to writing. The spark ignited after the passing of my grandfather just a few short years ago, prompting me to seek more meaning in life. Despite a proud history in the British Army, I felt a calling for something more profound.


In the wake of this realisation, a story began to take shape in my mind, evolving into a self-published series: "Deep: The Climb of Truth" and "Deep: The Embers of Life." These books chronicle the journey of a young woman thrust into a crumbling city, unearthing secrets and facing unforeseen challenges. As her sheltered life unravels, it's only a matter of time until her innocence is lost.


Venturing beyond the realm of literature, I delved into screenwriting, completing one screenplay and currently working on my second. The passion I hold for these narratives fuels my belief in their immense potential.


Adding another layer to my creative pursuits, I proudly serve as the founder and host of 'The Writing Community Chat Show' YouTube podcast alongside my co-host Chris Hooley. This live streaming YouTube podcast is dedicated to developing and promoting authors, featuring interviews with indie and established guests, along with notable celebrities. The unexpected turn of events that led me to this role feels like destiny unfolding. It's an honor to contribute to the literary world and support fellow creators.


In 2023, I had the privilege of moderating the Pan MacMillan tent at the Harrogate Crime Writers Festival, marking another milestone in my writing journey. Alongside these achievements, I've been tirelessly working on an exciting business idea related to the podcast.


Since embarking on my writing adventure, every step has been a thrilling exploration of creativity. I cherish the process and the joy it brings into my life.


 Do you write and if so what genre / genres?

My novella series dives headfirst into the gripping world of zombie horror, drawing inspiration from the masterful storytelling of Max Brooks in his iconic work, "World War Z." The privilege of interviewing Max Brooks remains a highlight of my journey, and his insights have undoubtedly shaped the depth of my own narrative exploration.


Expanding beyond the written word, my passion for horror extends to the realm of screenplays. Crafting tales of terror, my screenplays resonate within the same genre, offering a visceral and thrilling experience for audiences.


The love for horror is more than a mere interest; it's a relentless pursuit of the next spine-chilling tale. In my quest for the next best horror movie or series, I eagerly delve into the realms of darkness, seeking narratives that evoke fear and fascination. The genre's unique ability to elicit visceral reactions and explore the depths of human nature keeps me hooked, and I am always on the lookout for the next chilling masterpiece to captivate my imagination. As a storyteller immersed in the horror genre, the pursuit of fear and the unknown is an unending adventure that fuels my creativity and keeps the suspense alive in every project I undertake.


What inspires you?

Beyond my initial motivations for writing, I've found an unexpected wellspring of inspiration and creativity that has blossomed in various forms. What I once neglected in my younger years has now evolved into a multifaceted passion, fueling my pursuits in writing, video creation, crafting social media posts, and producing my show.


The diverse avenues of creativity I've explored have become a constant source of inspiration for me. Whether it's weaving words into a compelling narrative, bringing ideas to life through videos, curating engaging social media content, or producing episodes for my show, I've come to love every aspect of this creative journey.


Surprisingly, motivation is something I never find lacking in these realms. Even as 'The Writing Community Chat Show' approaches its fourth year, boasting over 300 completed live shows, the flame of inspiration continues to burn bright. This enduring passion not only sustains my creative endeavors but also propels me forward, eager to explore new possibilities and heights in the years to come. It's a testament to the boundless well of inspiration that can be found when one is deeply connected to their creative pursuits.



What drives you?

I am genuinely fueled by a deep passion for 'The Writing Community Chat Show' and the innovative ideas I'm nurturing to take it to new heights. This journey has become more than a project—it's a true passion that ignites my enthusiasm every day.


The prospect of the next few years is incredibly enticing and exhilarating to me. I firmly believe that with dedicated effort and hard work, these upcoming years hold the potential for remarkable growth and success for the show. It's not just about putting in the hours; it's about cultivating this passion and channeling it into the very essence of the podcast.


In this exciting phase of development, I am confident that the show will evolve into something extraordinary. Every idea and initiative is a step toward creating a platform that not only resonates with our audience but also leaves a lasting impact on the writing community.


As I immerse myself in the creative process and dedicate my energy to enhancing the show, I can't help but anticipate the intriguing and fulfilling experiences that lie ahead. This is not just a job; it's a journey, and I am eager to embrace every challenge and triumph that comes my way. The future is bright, and I am committed to making these years truly exceptional through hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of my passion.



Tell me about The Writing Community Chat Show?

'The Writing Community Chat Show', conceived by the creative minds of Chris Aggett and Chris Hooley, has been making waves since its inception in March 2020. Over the course of more than three hundred live shows, the podcast has become a powerhouse in the literary interview realm.


The guest lineup reads like a who's who in the writing industry, featuring luminaries such as Ian Rankin, Steve Cavanagh, Christopher Moore, Adele Parks, Mark Billingham, Jasper Fforde, CJ Tudor, CL Taylor, Dom Jolly, Max Brooks, Craig Robertson, Tony Kent, Caroline Kepnes, Sophie Cousins, Stu Turton, Alex North, Will Carver, SJ Watson, Joseph Knoxx, Luca Veste, Julie Cohen, Will Dean, MW Craven, and many more notable names.


Evolving from its roots as a traditional podcast in Season One, the show transformed into a live visual platform on YouTube starting from Season Two. Currently recording its impressive Season Thirteen, each episode delves into the world of writing through hour-long interviews. The discussions cover a spectrum of topics, including new and older works, the writers' successes, their unique writing processes, and the journey that led them into the realm of writing.


The show's format includes a touch of fun with intriguing questions towards the end of each interview, adding a lively and entertaining element. Moreover, the live audience engagement, with questions taken from viewers in real-time, enhances the interactive and dynamic nature of the Writing Community Chat Show. With a rich history and an ever-growing influence, this podcast has become a vital platform for writers and readers alike.



What inspired you to start 'The Writing Community Cat Show'?


After experiencing the challenges of becoming a self-published author, I felt a profound gratitude towards the Writing Community on Twitter, now X. The support I received during the intricate publishing process and the subsequent realization of the difficulties in marketing fueled a strong desire to give thanks and give back. This motivation led to the creation of our show, providing a platform for authors within the writing community to showcase themselves and their work.


One of the aspects I find most enjoyable about producing the show is the rich and engaging conversations we have with our guests. Regardless of their experience level, each guest brings a wealth of insight, not only regarding their fictional stories but also the intricacies of their writing journeys. The live engagement with our audience adds an extra layer of enjoyment, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.


In producing the show, my primary hope is that listeners take away valuable insights and inspiration. While we aim to have fun and delve into the life stories of our guests, the show is also a treasure trove of writing advice and tips. Our conversational style interviews provide a unique and authentic perspective, offering practical guidance and meaningful takeaways for aspiring and established writers alike.


What was one of your most memorable chats from 2023 and why?

Our podcast has been fortunate to host a plethora of remarkable guests, and among them, Jonathan Stroud stands out as one of the best. Renowned for his brilliant Lockwood & Co series, Jonathan brought a unique energy to the show that was truly special. What set his episode apart was the formidable force of his followers, the Lock Nation, who joined in to watch.


The Lock Nation proved to be an absolute powerhouse of support, creating an electrifying atmosphere during the episode. Their unwavering enthusiasm and engagement were nothing short of incredible. Witnessing such a dedicated and passionate community was a testament to the impact of Jonathan Stroud's work and the genuine connection he has forged with his readers.


For any author, the dream is to have a following as supportive and fervent as the Lock Nation. Their presence added an extra layer of magic to our show, making Jonathan's episode an unforgettable experience. We're grateful for the opportunity to connect with such an extraordinary literary community and to witness the profound influence of Jonathan Stroud's storytelling on the lives of his readers.


What do you hope to achieve in 2024?

In the coming year, I am optimistic that the business plans I have carefully cultivated for 'The Writing Community Chat Show' will transform into a tangible reality. While the details of these plans are currently under wraps, rest assured that significant progress is underway. Engaging in discussions with Business Wales has added a layer of anticipation, and the early forecasts are nothing short of exciting.


Adding to the thrill of the upcoming year, we are once again booked to participate in The Harrogate Crime Writers Festival. The prospect of conducting interviews for Pan Macmillan at such a prestigious event amplifies the excitement. It's an opportunity to not only showcase our show but also to immerse ourselves in the vibrant literary community and connect with fellow enthusiasts.


This juncture marks an exhilarating time for 'The Writing Community Chat Show', where aspirations are poised to materialize, and each step forward holds the promise of fulfilling endeavors. As the year unfolds, I look forward to sharing more about these ventures and embracing the excitement that lies ahead.


What advice would you give another writer?

Drawing insights from 'The Writing Community Chat Show', here is some advice I would offer to fellow writers:


Embrace Your Unique Journey: Every writer has a distinctive journey, and it's essential to embrace your own. Don't compare yourself too closely to others. Your path and pace are unique to you.


Persevere Through Challenges: Writing is a journey filled with challenges. Whether it's writer's block, rejection, or self-doubt, perseverance is key. Keep writing, refining, and pushing through the obstacles.


Learn from Diverse Experiences: Guests on our show often share a variety of experiences. Learn from them. Gain insights from different writing processes, publishing journeys, and life stories. Each interview can be a valuable lesson.


Community is Key: Building connections within the writing community is vital. Networking with other writers, joining writing groups, and engaging with fellow creatives can provide support, inspiration, and valuable advice.


Balance Creativity and Discipline: Finding the balance between letting creativity flow and maintaining discipline is crucial. Allow your imagination to soar, but also establish routines and habits that keep you consistently productive.


Take Risks and Try New Things: Many guests on the show have found success by taking risks and trying new approaches to their craft. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Innovation often leads to growth.


Celebrate Small Victories: Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements along the way. Whether it's completing a chapter, getting positive feedback, or hitting a writing milestone, these small victories contribute to your overall success.


Utilise Available Resources: Our guests often share the resources and tools that have been instrumental in their writing journeys. Explore writing apps, attend workshops, and make the most of the resources available to enhance your skills.


Be Open to Feedback: Constructive criticism is a valuable asset for growth. Be open to feedback, whether it's from beta readers, critique partners, or your audience. Use it as a tool to refine and improve your work.


Stay True to Your Passion: Finally, remember why you started writing in the first place. Stay true to your passion, and let it be the driving force behind your creative endeavors. Writing is a journey of self-discovery, and authenticity will resonate with your audience.

Thank you to 'The Writing Community Chat Show' for this amazing interview. If you would like to check out the show, click on the links below.


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