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Overcoming Writer's Block

Any author knows, a bout of writers block can be crippling. Some say it’s a real thing, while others will tell you it’s all in your head. Either way, if you experience it, you can truly struggle to get your mojo back.

I thought I would share some tactics that have worked for me when the dreaded writers block strikes.

Go out and do something non writing related. Go to a show, go for a walk, visit a friend, or see a movie at the cinema. After all, real life and the sights and smells all around us, can inspire new ideas. So, get out there and immerse yourself in life.

I find avoiding the laptop as I write new material helps. I am a pen and paper kind of girl. This will avoid you hitting the delete button as you go and overthinking it, encouraging you to simply write. I find my thoughts flow better, armed with a pen and a notepad. You can always fix mistakes when you type it up later. Another reason I prefer good old pen and paper is, it avoids distractions like the internet. You won’t get distracted by social media or funny cat videos.

Go and have a hot shower or run a nice bath. Take a glass of wine with you, not because it helps with the writing, but any excuse right? How often, does a great idea pop into your head when you are totally relaxed? It works for me.

I find writing something else can help. If I am stuck on a novel I’m writing, I will write a piece for my blog. It gets the creative juices flowing, but is a nice change of pace from writing the book. I find it can re-charge my creative brain.

Bury your nose in someone else’s masterpiece. Yes, I’m talking about reading a book. Take a break from working on yours, and simply enjoy reading someone else’s story.

Work on another creative project that flexes your imagination muscles. For example; I will play around with cover, logo, or banner designs for my books, social media accounts, and website.

I find writing in a different space can help. I like to go to a favourite coffee shop and write. Sometimes staring at the same four walls can make me feel boxed in.

This is no time to be a perfectionist. When brainstorming ideas or freely writing, don’t worry about grammar. You can edit later. Just write something down. If it’s flowing, keep going and worry about imperfections later.

Well, writing this piece will hopefully help with my current work in progress, and if not, I can always run that bath and grab that glass of wine.

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