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Interview With Poet - Taryn Ambrose

I am delighted to be bringing you an interview with another poet today. Meet Taryn Ambrose. Her debut book of poetry is titled 'Hold On - Poetry For The Broken, The Sad, The Unwanted. 'Hold On' is a poetry book based on the pain and suffering that comes with love, heartbreak, and life itself. Writing poetry is all about expressing emotion. Let's find out a bit more about the author, and what inspires her.

Tell me about yourself

Hi! I’m Taryn Ambrose. I am a striving author, full-time college student, and part-time librarian. I plan to write various genres simply for the experience, but have only published my debut poetry book, Hold On thus far. Though, there is plenty more to come!

What do you love about writing poetry?

I love that poetry gives me the opportunity to express myself. Any good or bad feelings are being put onto the page, rather than being stuck in my head. It helps me greatly with my emotions. Poetry is freeing for me – I can write whatever comes to mind. That is why my poetry is typically most bold and raw over metaphoric – it is describing my true feelings and I don’t want to lie about my experiences.

Your book tilted ‘Hold On – Poetry for the Broken, the Sad, and the Unwanted’, sounds like it’s full of emotion. Can you tell me the inspiration behind the book?

It is certainly full of emotion! The inspiration behind the book is my own mental health and experiences. I was going through a really rough period when I first started writing this book; I hit a really low point where, quite frankly, I didn’t want to live. Writing poetry helped me to work through those negative feelings, and finally reach a point where I was happy and content with life.

Can you tell me about your writing process?

My writing process is usually having an idea, talking about the idea with my parents (my dad used to be a writer, and is so helpful with fleshing out my ideas and plots), write an outline of sorts, and then get writing! When I get stuck, I usually talk it out with my parents and I’m able to get back into it. 😊

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading multiple books right now, actually! I started Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Every Moment After by Joseph Moldover, and more. All different genres, haha.

Who are your favourite authors?

John Grisham, Becky Albertalli, Natasha Preston, and James Patterson are the first authors to come to mind.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am working on a thriller book titled False Idol about a killer author and an erotica titled Working the Pole about a male stripper finding love in one of his clients, who is also male.

What advice would you give a new author?

I would tell them to do things their way, and at their own pace. The advice given to you may not fit the way you do things, and that’s okay. There are no real rules in writing! Do your thing, and write what makes you happy.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I like to do many things! I really enjoy spending time with my family – they are my best friends, and I adore them. I also enjoy reading, doing arts and crafts, editing videos for my YouTube channel, and more.

Thank you to Taryn for this insight into what inspires her to write her poems. If you would like to check out her work, click on the links below.

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