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Interview With Blogger and Author - J.N. Eagles

Today, I bring you an interview with blogger and author J.N. Eagles. Her love of the written words shines through in her answers and her sense of fun is evident in her photo. So, what has this busy and talented lady been up to? Let's find out.

Tell me about yourself

I love all things bookish. I like writing, reading, and recommending books to others. I’ve been a book blogger for two years and have been writing since high school. Recently, I’ve self-published two books. The first is Kings and Queens, and the second is Anticipation, a romance novelette. Oh, yeah! I also have a Bachelor’s in English/Language Arts and am currently in school for my Master’s in Creative Writing. I guess that’s kind of important, too.

How long have you been writing?

This earliest story that I can remember writing was during eighth or ninth grade. I wanted to write a short story and have it accepted in a magazine. Of course, it wasn’t, but that led me to take my first creative writing class sophomore year. If you don’t count school publications, I still haven’t gotten a short story published. It is still a goal of mine!

What do you love about book blogging?

What’s not to love? I get to connect with other people who share a love for reading and for writing. I get book recommendations and get to dabble in photography, especially on my Instagram blog, where my fur babies sometimes show up in my posts. It’s the learning experience that I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve learned so much about the “dos and don’ts” about blogging. The community is SO welcoming!

How do you choose the books you want to review?

It depends on the genre. I read a lot of different genres, but there are just a few I can’t seem to get into no matter how much I try. Other than that, and depending on my availability, which is a big determinator, I’m not picky about the books I review.

What has been one of your favourite reads so far this year?

My favourite read so far in 2021 is a book that was sent to me by an author to review on my blog. It’s called Colony written by Benjamin Cross. I usually prefer print copies, and though this one was a PDF, it just hit all the right places for me. I’m very tempted to buy a print copy to place on my bookshelf.

Can you tell me about your poetry book titled ‘Kings and Queens?’

Of course! 'Kings and Queens' is a fantasy story about a queen trying to regain her control of her kingdom, all told in the form of poems. The idea to combine the two (fantasy and poetry) came to me during my undergrad at Athens State University. It was all to prove to a certain somebody that, yes, I can do it. It took over a year to write and almost another year to edit and self-publish.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

A cat. I’ve joked with my husband that I’m going to die first, and when I do, I might come back as a cat. He’ll have to keep all the strays because one could be me, even though he’s more of a dog person.

Describe your writing space

At the moment, my writing space consists of a room full of bookcases and an old desk covered with dried paint smears—the result of an artistic talent that never developed. On the wall is my diploma, and the closet ceiling has a hole that leads to the attic (repaired by unexperienced hands), but that is a story for another day. The most important part of my writing space would be my typewriter on which I have written the first drafts of my poetry books.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am! I have recently announced that I’ve finished the first draft of another fantasy/poetry book. The announcement involved a stack of note cards with the emoji of a mermaid in the post. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I probably should have numbered the note cards. Since the announcement, I have signed a contract with an illustrator and am hoping for either a late publication this year or an early one next year, though the release date is yet to be determined!

What do you like to do when you are not blogging or writing?

Gardening. I have a sunroom, a greenhouse, flowerbeds, and a gazebo. I enjoy spending time outdoors, taking care of my plants and animals. I also have cats, fish, and a flock of chickens. There are definitely ideas in motion to fix up more areas for gardening and for more animals. There are times when my husband gives me a look that says “another idea?” and it could be another story or something for our yard!

Well, there you have it. I can relate to the lure of a typewriter. I have always wanted to buy a vintage one myself, simply to admire mostly. Very retro. If you would like to check out the blog or her works of fiction, click on the links below.

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