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Interview With Author - Nel Thompson

Today, I bring you an interview with author Nel Thompson. Nel has a great love for books and storytelling. She spent 22 years dabbling in and out of writing, but it wasn't until 2017, that a decision to finally put pen to paper changed everything.

Nel is currently working on her debut novel scheduled to be released later this year. She enjoys gaming, horror films, has a second passion for the beauty industry, and is in love with the Marvel Universe. Her number one superhero is Batman. Nel resides in Texas with her husband, 3 kids, and a cat named Shadow.

Tell me about yourself

I was born in New Jersey, but consider myself a military brat. Settled down in Texas about 17 years ago and have lived here ever since. I am married with 3 kids, and a cat named Shadow.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was approximately 8 years old, when my dad brought home our first computer. The first thing I opened was Minesweeper, and after trying to figure that out, I explored more. I’ve always been an avid reader, even as a kid, and loved to write out stories. But once I got a hold of Microsoft Word, there was no stopping me.

Did you have a favourite book as a child?

My favorite books as a kid were definitely the Goosebumps series, The Babysitters Club, Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark, Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing, and Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.

What do you enjoy about writing your chosen genre?

The fact that you can make up ANYTHING. There are no rules to your world, your lore, your magic, your language. It’s all what’s in your head, and it's limitless.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A Lot of my inspiration comes from visual and musical aspects. So, painting/drawings, music videos, really get the wheels turning for me. I have also drawn some inspiration from dreams I’ve had, and certain music can inspire me.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am actually working on two things right now. My debut, Through the Stars and Sea, is set to debut toward the end of 2021. It's a dark fairytale retelling with pirates, magic, sea witches, and betrayal, based off The Brothers Grimm story, The Fisherman and his Wife. My 2nd WIP is a Dark Urban Fantasy (dystopian).

What comes first for you, the plot or the characters?

Usually the plot, and that's VERY loose. But when the plot comes, it usually always has at least the look of the MC. I may not know the name, but I always know the look, the mood, the pain/problem.

What does literary success look like to you?

For me, it would be simply people just reading my books, and liking them; asking for more. I would love one day, to have one made into a series, or just to be requested at cons.

Can you tell me about your writing process?

It's pretty simple. I do a hard outline (3 ACT/Snowflake method) first, then after the first draft, I submit it to my developmental editor, to check on consistency, plot, characters, etc. Then I revise/edit and send that to betas. Then revise/edit and send it to my final editor. One thing I learned is that I can't have a deadline for the 1st draft. I give myself the longest 4-6 months on a first draft, but try not to have one until I'm in the revision stage.

Do you have a dedicated writing space?

I actually don’t. I have a recliner in my living room that I’m partial to. I also like my bedroom as well. I actually plan on creating a space in my bedroom.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and I'm a big PC gamer (especially The Sims)

Thank you to Nel for sharing her inspiration with us. If you would like to check out her work, click on the links below.

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