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Interview With Author Elisha Bugg

Today, I bring you a great interview with author Elisha Bugg. Elisha's writing journey started in 2019 after publishing a debut book, 'Reluctant Guardian'. Since then more Paranormal Romance books have followed. Lets find out more.

Tell me about yourself 

My name is Elisha Bugg, an author from Suffolk, UK where I live with my 2 daughters and my partner. Other than reading and writing I enjoy gaming on the PC and I also like to draw and design book covers. 

When did you first call yourself a writer?

I’ve been writing on an off for years, but I released my debut book in 2019 and only really called myself one from then. 

What do you like to read?

I enjoy reading romance books, from paranormal and fantasy, to historical. I like something that takes me away from reality, so I tend not to read many contemporary books. 

What do you like about writing your chosen genre?

I fell in love with reading paranormal romance books a long time ago and kept reading them and thinking of new ideas. I enjoy the escape from reality in a book that contains some form of magic or otherworldly aspect. 

What do the words “writer’s block” mean to you? 

For me it is when I keep writing and getting stuck at the same point, unsure how to progress. Usually it requires an edit and a mix up of the story a little for me to get past the block. Something needs changing, whether its a scene/setting or whether a characters personality needs altering. 

How do you develop your plot and characters? 

I’m a bit of a pantser so I don’t write out big plans and follow them. I tend to have a vague idea of the story and then ask myself questions around that, such as the end goal, or some important scenes, then I just start writing and allow the characters personalities develop, and the story to unfold. I then edit and make sure things all fit together and the characters don’t do anything out of character. 

Tell me about your latest release and what inspired it.

My latest release was 'Hunted Guardian' which came out April 2023. It’s the second book in my Otherworld Guardians series so the idea was a continuation on that world with some of the characters making an appearance from the first book.

Some of the scenes that are in the book come from dreams I’ve had over the years, such as a scene when he appears in blue flames. 

Which of the characters do you relate to the most and why?

I probably relate most to Heleana in my latest novel. Like me she tries to be there for those she cares for despite the tolls it takes on her. 

What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused? 

To help me stay focused I prefer my own quiet space away from everyone else where I can think about what I’m writing without interruption. Sometimes, however, I will listen to a song or playlist on repeat if certain songs remind me of the story or the characters. 

Are you working on anything new? 

I am currently working on a Paranormal historical romance duology, 'The Dawnbury Shifters'. To Catch an Alpha is the title for book one which follows the story of Ethan Dawnbury, a cursed wolf shifter and his need to marry to keep his title, and Eleanor Brierley, a woman with a horrid father who sells her to the highest bidder in order to pay off his huge debts. A forced marriage and slow-burn romance.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you have ever been given? 

Just keep writing. The first draft does not need to be perfect as it can be edited later on to iron out the edges and fill or take away to make it flow. This is something I’m still trying to repeat to myself so I don’t feel the need to edit as I go, which slows my writing down. 

Thank you to Elisha for joining me on the blog. If you would like to check out Elisha's work, click on the links below.


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