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Interview With Author- Anna Bushi

Today, I am delighted to be bringing you an interview with author Anna Bushi. Anna describes her books as historical fantasy with no magic. Anna's Indian Heritage has influenced her story telling. Her debut novel 'Heir To Malla' is out now. Let's find out a bit more about Anna and her work.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I am an avid reader and love to read in a wide variety of genres. When I am stressed out, my go-to is a book that allows me to escape reality for a few hours.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing for about five years. Typically, writers have a literature or related background. I am actually an engineer. While I knew what story I wanted to tell, I had to learn the craft of writing. For aspiring writers, it is never too late to start writing.

Where do you find your inspiration? From the tales I heard and read as a child to the stories I hear now, inspiration is everywhere around me. For ‘Heir to Malla’, I drew inspiration from the Indian mythologies my grandmother would tell me as a child.

Can you describe your writing process?

With my first book, I just wrote my first draft without worrying about a process. After several revisions and edits, I have settled on a method that has worked so far for book 2. I write a broad chapter by chapter outline. Then using that outline, I write my tale. Sometimes, characters surprise me and chart a new course. When that happens, I let the story flow naturally.

Do you have a favourite book?

Recently I read “An Officer and a Spy” by Robert Harris. I loved this book from start to finish. Writing historical fiction with real events and people and making it gripping is a difficult task, and this book does it so well.

Who are your favourite authors and how have they influenced your work?

I am a fan of Jane Austen. I have read all her books. It is amazing how someone like me can relate to her stories two centuries later. I like Science fiction by Neal Stephenson. That’s probably the nerd in me that can relate to his themes and characters. I like fantasy, and Brandon Sanderson has created the most amazing magical worlds. In his books, colors, metals, and so many physical things give one magical power and so different from the wizard with the wand stories. Rainbow Rowell writes the most amazing human stories.

I regularly read and post reviews in Goodreads.

Can you tell me about your book titled ‘Heir to Malla’

This book is a royal family saga. Crown Prince Jay of Malla goes missing, and his sister Princess Meera sends the man she is in love with, Rish Vindhya, to find him. Prince Amar of Padi, known for his penchant for violence, has designs on Meera and Malla. Without wielding a wand or a sword, can Princess Meera save her kingdom? Read to find out.

I see your book is number 1 in a series. How many books do you plan on writing for the series?

I am planning a trilogy set in the Land of Magadha. Book two starts a few years later with many familiar characters. I am writing my first draft of it and about halfway through it. In this story, our protagonists are older and in power, and their challenges pit duty vs. following their heart’s desires. I am deeply interested in exploring what makes someone a good ruler, and monarchy provides a unique way to explore that.

I blog about my book 2:

What interests do you have outside of books?

I love going to the beach and on hikes with my family. I have a vegetable garden that allows me to cook with fresh herbs, greens, and veggies.

Thank you to Anna for sharing some insights into her writing. If you would like to check out her work, click on the links below.

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