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Interview With a Chick-Lit Fan

Today, I wanted to bring you something different. Since joining Twitter and building my author platform, I have been lucky enough to meet some very nice people, and make some wonderful friends.

I wanted to interview a fan of women’s fiction. I wanted to get into the mind of someone who is a ferocious reader. I met this lovely lady on the platform after I sent her an advanced copy of my book in exchange for an honest review.

We have now become good friends and chat often, even though she is on the other side of the globe. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? We discuss books we’ve read, my writing, our pets, and she badgers me (in a jovial way of course), asking when I am going to finish my next book. It’s nice to know I have at least one fan out there.

So who is this lady? Her name is Kat. She told me she couldn’t find a picture of herself that she liked enough to post with this interview, so we all get to look at her gorgeous cat Bonnie instead. So, let’s find out a bit more about her.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Kat, 32, from Glasgow in Scotland. I live with my fiancé John, who I’ve been with for 11 years, and my two cats Bonnie and Clyde. I’m a sales assistant and volunteer for the charity British Heart Foundation. My favourite colour is purple and I love chocolate.

What book, or book series was responsible for your love of reading?

The books that started my love of reading were romance novels by Adele Parks, as my sister liked her. To this day I still like her, and even like her thrillers. It’s crazy to think I’ve been a fan for half my life!

What do you love about books?

The things I love about books include, the escapism and the community of being able to read, and talk about books with other people. The feeling of finding that gem you’ve been hunting for, nothing beats that.

How many books, on average, would you read in a year?

I’d say, I read between 50-80 books a year.

What has been one of your favourite books that you’ve read so far this year?

My favourite book this year is Fiona Gibson’s ‘The Woman Who Met Her Match’. It’s an oldie, but so good! I’ve now bought a few more by her based on how much I loved this one.

Who are your favourite authors?

My firm favourites in crime are, Chris Carter, Angela Marsons, Carol Wyer, and Kerry Wilkinson. In women’s fiction / romance, I’d say Anna Bell, Alexandra Potter, and Fiona Gibson.

Describe your ideal place to curl up with a good book

My favourite place to curl up with a book would be my bed or couch with duvet, irn bru, chocolate, and silence.

What do you love about chick-lit / contemporary women’s fiction?

The thing I enjoy most when reading contemporary fiction, is the way that I can relate to the situation that the characters find themselves in.

Lastly, what other interests or hobbies do you have outside of reading?

My hobbies outside reading are, of course buying books, going to the cinema and meals with my fiancé, comedy nights, going to friend’s places for dinner, going away for the day or a few days, watching TV, and chatting to my friends.

Thanks to Kat for agreeing to be interviewed.

You can find Kat on Twitter

Here's one more pic of Bonnie as a Kitten to make you smile :)

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