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Guest Post by Author Rebecca Ridge - It's Christmas, So Lets Jingle Those Balls, Oops, I Mean Bells

Today, I am excited to be bringing you a special Christmas guest post from a very talented and lovely lady. Rebecca was the very first person to follow me when I opened my Twitter account eighteen months ago, and vice versa. We have become good friends, always offering each other no end of support as fellow writers.

Christmas is a time for fun, so when I found out that she was writing a standalone book along with other erotica writers, collectively titled ‘The Twelve Days Of Lustmas’, I asked her if she would write a guest post, and I am thrilled to inform you that Santa’s naughtiest elf, happily obliged.

Any readers of my own books will know, I love a bit of cheekiness, so I wanted to bring a good dose of fun to my blog in time for the festive season.

Guest Post

Hey, guys. I’m Romance and Erotica author, Rebecca Ridge. I am beyond excited to be brining you this festive post, as a guest, on the brilliant and talented, Hayley Walsh’s blog.

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. I never lost my enthusiasm for the festive season, even in my teens, when every one of my friends had. I still held onto the magic. I still made Christmas cookies. I was still the first in bed Christmas Eve, and the first up in the morning. This is something that I am proud to say I have passed on to my own children; who are now teenagers. But, like many they are struggling this year. I work in retail, and I have had a lot of people say to me, Christmas won’t be the same this year, or, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I tell them what I told my kids. This year has been awful; 2020 the year written by Stephen King, and directed by Quentin Tarentino.

This year the world has been united in a fight against an invisible enemy who shows no mercy… and, unfortunately not everyone has made it. COVID-19 has taken so much from us all. Everyone has been affected in some way by this awful virus. Don’t let it take Christmas as well. Christmas isn’t a thing that can be stolen. It’s a feeling. It’s helping an elderly neighbour, or the sparkle in a child’s eye. It’s hot chocolate, marshmallows and festive movies. It’s a facetime call with a loved one, or a zoom cocktail with your best friend. Yes, Christmas will be different, but it is still ours. Hold the feeling in your heart and don’t let go, because not everyone gets the gift of being able to do so.

Career wise however, this year has been quite successful. I have written six short stories and collaborated with a group of Erotica authors to bring you the 7 sexy sins Anthology; which all proceeds went to charity

March saw the release of my best-selling Erotic Romance, Captivated; the first book in, The Submission of Maizey Randall Series. I’m taking a break from writing until January but on the 2nd, I will be jumping into writing the sequel. (The 1st will probably be spent nursing a hangover.)

Well that brings me up to now… CHRISTMAS! (Insert scream here.) So, a group of Erotica authors are talking one day about what would happen if they were to ever find themselves snowed in at an erotic writers retreat…and 'The 12 Days of Lustmas' was born.

12 erotica authors

12 days

1 very naughty Christmas writers’ retreat

I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right?

'The 12 days of Lustmas' series is 12 standalone stories that can be read in any order. Each story is the authors own take on what really happened in the Catskills Mountains that naughty Christmas. Whose version is the truth? Let the authors of Filth Inc, take you on a journey of seduction like no other. To a place where reality meets fiction, and anything is possible.

My story 'A Very Merry Submission' was released on the 2nd December…

All 12 stories are available to pre-order now at - and Amazon

This is one sexy collaboration you don’t want to miss.

That just about wraps this up. Thank you to my good friend Hayley for letting me loose on her blog.

One last thing… Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of age, when Christmas Eve comes around this year, take a minute and listen for sleigh bells. Magic is everywhere… you just have to believe.

A big thank you to Rebecca for providing this guest post. If you would like to check out her work, click on the links below.

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Hayley Walsh
Hayley Walsh
09 दिस॰ 2020

Rebecca is awesome and a good friend of mine 😊📚


Love this post! I shall be following Rebecca for some more exciting reading! I've spotted her book on twitter so will be looking to add it to my tbr!

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