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For The Love of Chick-Lit

The mention of Chick-Lit, also commonly referred to as women’s fiction, is often met with a swift roll of the eyes. It has a reputation of being fluffy, with little or no substance. Like many other things in society, something for women, by women, gets a bad rap.

I write, and love to read this wonderful genre. Women understand what other women go through in day to day life, and that’s exactly what these engaging stories showcase.

Here are the reasons why I am one of this genre’s biggest fans:

Chick-Lit is often funny. Light-hearted humour is almost always present. Injecting a healthy dose of humour into a story is not an easy thing to do. Being a woman in today’s world can be tough. Laughing together about the challenges we all face, can only be a good thing.

These books can tackle serious life issues. Issues such as divorce, death, grief, child raising, step families, pregnancy loss, and domestic violence. This helps raise awareness around issues faced by women all over the world, every single day.

A book labelled chick-lit or women's fiction, might be a wet your pants laugh out loud comedy, a sweet romance, or a sad story about heartbreak and loss.

It’s all about women. The protagonist is always female. Strong women, who are in control of their own lives, even if they don’t realise it at first. What’s not to love about that?

The main character will have flaws and insecurities. She will fail and she will succeed, reminding us all, we are only human after all.

Whatever we choose to call them, everyday stories written for women, by women, need to be both respected and celebrated. So, grab yourself a drink, and cosy up with a good book. In the famous words of Bridget Jones ‘I will not be defeated by a bad man and an American stick insect. Instead, I chose vodka, and Chaka Khan.’

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