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Finding My Feet Hosting 'The Write Words Podcast'

Well, I don’t know if I am simply a glutton for punishment, slightly mad, or a bit of both. A little while ago, I decided to start ‘The Write Words Podcast’. My partner thought I must be crazy. With my full time job as a nurse, two step kids to run around after week on week off, two new books I’m working on, and life in general, he had no idea how I would fit it all in.

Well, so far, so good. Episode three is due to air on the 30th June. There have been a few hiccups already, and I’m sure they will continue to pop up. Unfortunately do to unforeseen circumstances for one of my guests, my planned recording for the episode had to be cancelled last minute, and episode three will now be something different, but still lots of fun, of course.

I wanted to create a safe and supportive place where all writers, readers, reviewers, bloggers, industry professionals, and basically any lover of the written word, can come together and discuss everything to do with books and writing. I’m a big word nerd, and us word nerds must find our people.

There is an abundance of passion and talent out there within the writing community, and what better way to tap into it. Most writers love to chat about their work, so there is always plenty to talk about.

My two adorable cavoodles, Sid and Honey are the official podcast mascots and help me keep listeners updated on social media. They are very good at their job, except the fact that Sid can be very vocal, often saying a little hello during a recording.

The podcast launched on the 2nd of June with a fun and at times, laugh out loud chat with fellow Aussie author Tamara Watson. Tamara and I have become great friends on Twitter, and over the past eighteen months, we have chatted an awful lot about finding our feet as new authors. There was a lot we didn’t know about each other’s personal journey, so we decided to find out.

There were sad stories, inspiring stories, and lots of laughs. My favourite moment was most definitely when Tamara told the hilarious story about her appalling query letter she sent to an agent when she first started querying. I had tears in my eyes from laughing.

Episode two was a chat with Welsh author Graham Hunter. Earlier this year I read his book titled ‘Comrades, Concubines, and Lovers’. It is a book about his real life experience spent traveling the globe as a young naïve salesman in the 1980’s.

I loved the book. It read like a Hollywood blockbuster. You feel like the author must be stretching the truth just a little, but I assure you it all happened to him. I just had to have him on the podcast, and it was a very interesting chat.

Episode three will be my reviews of the top 5 books I have read so far this year. These include ‘A Hogmanay Kiss’ by Elsie McArthur, ‘Discerning Grace’ by Emma Lombard, ‘Comrades, Concubines, and Lovers’ by Graham Hunter, ‘The Project’ by Stacey Potter, and ‘The Lost Love Song’ by Minnie Darke. There will also be a cheeky little reading from my book titled 'Making March'.

I have so many wonderful people lined up to join me on the podcast in the coming months. Authors of romance, adventure, steam punk, contemporary fiction, and fantasy. There will be discussions on writing choose your own adventure romance, marketing as a self-published author, creating fantasy worlds, character development, and lots lots more.

I will be chatting with book bloggers about their love for books, their favourite reads, and the review process.

I am also hoping to interview some industry professionals in the upcoming months. I am really enjoying embarking on this new adventure, and look forward to chatting with many more wonderful creative souls like myself.

If you would like to have a listen, you can find the links below.

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