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Excerpt From Novel -Scattered Scones - Coming 2021

Emma reluctantly got up from her desk, yet again, needing to pee. It was the third time in a space of half an hour. She tried to take her mind of her rattling nerves as she watched the people scurry about outside. The bus terminal at Central was always busy and the workers looked like stressed out mice making their way through a laboratory maze.

The office was twelve stories up and Emma’s desk was right by the expansive window. This gave her a bird’s eye view of the bustling streets below. Thanks to her prime position, Emma quickly worked out the best time to duck out for her morning coffee. The queue at the funky little café across the street would start to dwindle somewhere around nine, and would start to pick up again around eleven.

Not only could she easily glance out the window, she could also see if her boss Caitlin was coming. This gave Emma time to log out of her social media accounts before she had the chance to hear Caitlin’s signature stiletto wedges making their way down the marble floor.

Emma was only one short week into her probationary period and was due to present her first designs of the season in precisely fifteen minutes. She was painfully aware of the intimidating and rather large crowd gathering in the boardroom. She inhaled deeply and once again, ran to the toilet to empty her irritated bladder.

While washing her trembling hands a text message came through, alerting her of another missed call. She glanced at the message. Jesus Christ, not again. I need to focus. I’ll call him back after the presentation. Emma hurriedly stuffed her phone back down her bra and headed back to her desk to grab her sketches.

As she gingerly entered the packed boardroom, knees knocking together with fright, all eyes were instantly upon her like an eagle eyeing off its prey. She tried hard to picture everybody naked, but since most of the board members were men in their sixties, this tactic only made things worse.

Emma longed for nothing more than to succeed as a fashion designer, and she knew this was her one and only chance to make a good first impression. The fashion house was working on its spring collection. Emma hoped her designs screamed both classy and fun. This season was all about bold colourful prints and she was quietly confident she had nailed it.

Caitlin introduced her to the captive yet terrifying audience. It was time. Emma nervously straightened her shirt, tried to ignore the vibrating sensation emitting from her left breast, and dove head first into her presentation.

The board members were very impressed and Emma slowly breathed a sigh of relief. Caitlin gave her an approving warm smile as she glided back to her office to finalise the designs in time for the looming deadline.

Emma pulled out her phone. Three missed calls. Well, he is persistent. I’ll give him that. I do like him, a little too much really. I’m not sure I want a relationship, which I’m certain he is after.

She had put off the task of calling him back all day and used every excuse under the sun to convince herself she was far too busy to do so. Alphabetising the filing cabinet, tidying her desk, gossiping with Miriam who sat next to her, lunch, and now the presentation.

I could call him now, but I should really get cracking on these designs. The deadline is only three days away. Tomorrow…I’ll definitely do it tomorrow.

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