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Excerpt From My Upcoming Novella Titled 'Not Dead Yet'



Bob fumbled around like a nervous teenager as Mary’s heartbeat quickened with every single breath she took. This was it. Their wedding night. This was the first time for them both. The anticipation of what was to come both excited and terrified her, all at the same time.

With trembling hands, Bob gently unraveled the delicate ribbon entwined throughout the bodice of her wedding gown. Goosebumps formed all over her body as his breath swept past her neck in soft warm waves, her heart beating faster and faster.

A million things flashed through her head like she was watching a movie on the big screen. Her childhood growing up with Barb, falling in love with Bob, and losing Neil. She pushed her thoughts of Neil to the back of her mind as Bob slowly caressed her neck with his lips.

The wedding day had exceeded their expectations, and everybody had a wonderful time. She was excited to be starting a life with Bob. Pulling away, he held her face in his hands. ‘Sweetheart, are you OK? You look as though you have something on your mind.’

‘Yes, darling, I’m fine. Just felling a bit overwhelmed after such a big day, that’s all.’ Quickly getting back to where he left off, Mary let out a fit of giggles as his lips brushed against her ear, sending shivers of pure pleasure up her spine.

Finally, having untied all the ribbon, her bodice fell to the floor, exposing her breasts. He stroked them with one hand while taking off her garter belt and stockings with the other. Somehow, he still managed to take off his own suit.

Before she knew it, they were naked, Bob touching her in ways she had never experienced before. Gazing lovingly into her eyes, he asked, ‘Is it OK if I….um.’ Smiling back at her new husband, Mary nodded before guiding him inside her. She was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt, but took her breath away. He was so gentle.

He paid attention to her. She felt loved, safe, and content. Bob was a good young man, and Mary knew he would make a wonderful husband. She felt like the luckiest girl in the word. He would look after her, and she would do the same for him. Mary hoped she could be the kind of wife Bob wanted. She hoped she would make him happy.

The insecurities she had about her body melted away. Bob looked at her like a lover of architecture admiring the structure of The Sydney Harbour Bridge. She forgot about her imperfections as he continued to eagerly explore every single inch of her. Bob was like a kid in a lolly shop. Overwhelmed by all the sweet treats laid out in front of him, making Mary feel like some sort of sexy goddess.

As they enjoyed each other’s bodies, a long and happy future lay ahead of them. A lovely home, fulfilling careers, two beautiful children, grandchildren, and a lifetime of precious memories together. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson.

They continued to make love slowly and tenderly before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Just prior to drifting off into a blissful slumber, Mary wondered if Neil was happy, too.

Unpublished Work (c) Hayley Walsh 2021

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