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Excerpt From My Book Titled 'Making March'


17 February 2017

6 am

Andrew just left as he had to work this morning. I’m here all alone in his house. I could have a good snoop, but I won’t. I’m not sure what this is with us. A one-night stand, friends who had sex after a few drinks, or something more? Yes, that’s right, we had sex. I guess time will tell.

I must say Andrew is a very generous lover. I never knew sex could be that good. There was lots of fantastic foreplay and taking care of my needs before his. Up until now, this had been something foreign to me. I hope for Rachel’s sake Matt has changed his selfish ways; however, I very much doubt it.

I was even brave enough to leave the light on. Andrew told me how beautiful I was and paid close attention to every single inch of my body. He made me feel incredibly sexy and treated me like a queen in bed.

He was gentle and caring whilst still being incredibly sexy. He removed my top, followed by my bra, and began to slowly caress my neck with his lips. He then worked his way down my arm. After working his way back up my arm, he moved across to my boobs.

I could not catch my breath with anticipation of what was to come. I was suddenly very aware of his hand working its way up my thigh. He then focused on removing my pants, quickly followed by my underwear. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.

Before I knew it, I was naked, lying on my back, and he was kissing me all over. Sensual soft kisses that sent shocks of electricity throughout my entire body.

Once again, he was working his way up my thigh, only this time, it was with his tongue. I was hoping he would continue all the way, and when he did, he did not disappoint. The pleasure slowly began to build inside me as he continued to work his magic. I climaxed and took a little while to catch my breath. Then, he finally entered me. I swear I could see fireworks bursting in a brilliant display of colour above us, as he continued to rhythmically thrust in and out.

I wasn’t the least bit self-conscious about my stretch marks, saggy tits, or tree-trunk thighs. In fact, Andrew was more than happy to take a long lustrous stroll and get lost in that forest for hours.

I then discovered that he also loves a good cuddle and a chat after sex. Unlike 'Mediocre Matt', who would usually roll over and let out a god-awful fart before falling asleep and snoring loudly in my ear. I would always be left lying there thinking, I haven’t even warmed up yet, and it’s already over?

I guess not all men are selfish in bed after all. I clearly married a dud. Not only did we connect emotionally after the deed was done, we then went for ding ding … round two. Yet another hour of foreplay, including a foot massage. Total and utter bliss.

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