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Creating 'Write That Book - Helpful Ramblings of a Self-Published Author'

One cold morning about eight weeks ago, I came downstairs in my PJ’s, made myself a coffee, and enjoyed the peace and quiet, while everyone else in the house was still asleep.

I started thinking about my writing journey, specifically how much I have learned in the last year or so.

In the past year, I have finished and self-published two books, queried one book, started an author blog, built my author platform, and started working on my third book.

I’m not sure, if it was the second cup of coffee that inspired it, but I suddenly had a light bulb moment. Why don’t I write this all down, in order to help others who want to write their first book? Then I thought to myself, am I bloody bat shit crazy?

How would I find the time, with my full time job as a nurse, two boisterous stepsons that take over the house every second week, promoting and marketing my two published books, managing my blog, writing my third book, and hashing out ideas for another story that is floating around in my head, with the characters constantly knocking loudly at the door, wanting to be heard. Not to mention housework and all that mundane stuff none of us can avoid, no matter how hard we might try.

I started by jotting down the things I wish I had known before I started, and went from there. It is a mixture of my own experience, and advice from other self-published authors who kindly let me pick their brains, like an annoying vulture hovering over a rotting carcass.

Many people want to write a book, but have no idea where to start. I had no idea when I first put pen to paper, all those years ago, when I started writing my novel ‘Making March’. I knew I could write well enough, but I had no clue how to put together a novel with an engaging plot and entertaining characters.

For anyone who has always wanted to write a book, it is an amazing feeling when you achieve your goal, and see your work out there for readers to find. There is no better feeling. Well, apart from sex, eating ice-cream, cuddling puppies and kittens, going on a cruise….. Anyway, you get the point.

I had lots of fun writing this book, it simply flowed onto the paper with ease. I enjoyed writing something different, and I hope it helps someone else realise their dream of writing a great story that their readers can enjoy.

‘Write That Book-Helpful Ramblings of a Self-Published Author’, will be released on the 1st July 2020.

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