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Book Review - 'When We Were Friends' by Samantha Tonge

Do you ever think about those high school friendships you have lost? I know I do. Why does this happen? What reasons do we have to try and rekindle old friendships from our childhood, and how do we go about it? If we do manage to reconnect, will it be like old times? Can we still rely on our friends to have our back?

‘When We Were Friends’ by Samantha Tonge addresses all these questions and reminds us why these friendships hold a special place in our hearts.

Morgan and her three best friends from high school, Paige, Tiff, and Emily, haven’t been in touch for nearly twenty years after a horrible falling out. In high school, the four close friends started ‘The Secret Gift Society’ creating what they thought was an unbreakable bond, but on prom night it all fell apart. What happened on that night to tear these four best friends apart?

Morgan is having trouble with her teenage son, Olly. He has never met his father or been told who his father is. He is desperate to get to know his father and starts asking lots of questions.

Olly’s father was part of the reason everything blew up at prom. The thought of seeing him again makes Morgan feel sick, but she must find him to save her relationship with her wonderful son.

The only people who can help Morgan track him down are her old best friends. She reaches out to them for help. Morgan finds out she is not the only one who has been harbouring a secret.

Will her old friends come to her rescue? Can they mend the damage that was done all those years ago?

This is a thought-provoking story about friendship, betrayal, trust, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The characters are relatable. The elements of mystery around the characters hidden secrets kept me turning the pages. This is the second book I have read from this author and I will most certainly be coming back for more.

I give it 4 stars.




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