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Book Review-'Ups and Downs' By D.B. Carter

I really enjoyed this novella. It was a fun and easy read.

Hard working business woman Carol, is our protagonist, and is about to have a Valentine’s Day she is unlikely to forget.

Carols seems to have it all. A successful job, a penthouse apartment, and a faithful and efficient assistant in Lila. She is also painfully single, owns a crazy cat, and has a manipulative and controlling mother.

Carol’s firm has just landed a big client with their recent proposal. The big shot client wants last minute changes made to the design. The struggling company needs to seal the deal with the client to ensure its future and job security of the employees.

Carol and Lila race to make the requested changes, only to discover their printer has broken down at the worst possible time. They have to come up with a plan, and fast.

The company located at the bottom of the building has the same printer and therefore has the part they need, in order to get the job done. There is only one problem. One of the company owners is Jonah, a man Carol wronged long ago while in high school. She broke his heart.

When they meet again, the chemistry is still there and they are both single. They arrange a romantic date for Valentine’s Day, but Jonah doesn’t show. Carol wonders if this is payback for what she did to him all those years ago.

Do Carol and Lila get the proposal to the client in time? What does fate have install for Carol and Jonah?

It is a heartwarming story about the ups and down of life. It addresses love, self-doubt, loyalty, and friendship. It is well written, lighthearted, and entertaining. A fast-paced page turner. I give it five stars *****

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