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Book Review - 'Time Of My Life' by Myf Warhurst

This open, honest, funny, and at times heart-breaking memoir by Australian music broadcasting legend, Myf Warhurst, in an absolute joy to read. Most Australians know and love Myf from watching her on the iconic music trivia show 'Spics and Specs', hosting the Australian broadcast of Eurovision, or her time on 'I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here'.

She shares the story of her life, both personally and professionally growing up in rural Victoria, all with her love of all things music as the backdrop to the narrative. I am the same age as Myf, give or take a couple of years. We generation Xers are pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

Who doesn’t remember sitting cross legged on the floor as a kid watching 'Countdown' or 'Young Talent Time' on TV. Myf talks about going from a wide eyed young music fan living in the country, to growing up and rubbing shoulders with her idols.

Although I grew up in the city of Sydney, and not the country like Myf, this book was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me. I discovered I had a few things in common with Myf, including my love for Olivia Newton John and her music, and the iconic 80s Australian TV Show, 'A country Practice'. I work as a nurse in my day job, and growing up, Matron Sloane was kind of my hero.

While we are on the topic of classic TV shows, who could forget 'The Love Boat'. Myf, if you were the cruise director, I would happily be part of your entertainment staff. What a great time we would have. Move over Julie, I’m sure Captain Stubing wouldn’t mind.

Myf shares her happy memories of her time working in TV for the ABC, getting to host the Eurovision broadcast with the amazing Joel Creasy, and cringeworthy tales from her time on I’m a Celebrity, warts, and all.

She also shares some heartbreaking stories, including losing the love of her life, struggling through the long Melbourne covid lockdowns, and being cruelly shamed for what she was wearing on the red carpet. A timely reminder for us all, to always be kind.

Myf’s upbeat and positive attitude to life shines through on every page of this book. She is such a happy person despite some of the challenges that have been thrown her way.

I am a huge fan of her podcast ‘Bang On’, co-hosted with the fabulous Zan Rowe. You can tell these two lovely ladies are good mates, and as a listener, you feel they are also your friend. I love being part of ‘The Bang Fam’ as the ladies like to refer to their listeners.

I love the fact that every chapter of the book’s title is a song or genre of music that ties in perfectly.

I have long been a fan of Myf’s and it was lovely to gain an insight into Myf the person, not just Myf the celebrity.

I give it 5 stars.

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