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Book Review - 'The Christmas Swap' by Sandy Barker

This book was my chosen Christmas read last year.

In this heart-warming story we meet Chloe, Jules, and Lucy. These three ladies met as eleven-year old’s at a Maui kids resort two decades earlier. They all formed a special, unbreakable bond and have remained firm friends ever since. All of their birthdays fall in May, and they name their little group ‘The May Ladies’.

Their friendship has not only stood the test of time, it has survived vast distance, with the girls living in different parts of the world. Chloe lives in Melbourne Australia, Lucy lives in Oxfordshire England, and Jules lives in Colorado USA.

The ladies realise they have never experienced the Christmas they have always longed for and decide to swap Christmases. Chloe goes to the UK to spend a traditional Christmas with Lucy’s family. Lucy jets off to Colorado to experience a white Christmas at Jules’s family cabin. Jules heads Down Under to spend Christmas in the sunshine with Chloe’s good mates.

All the girls have a real adventure on their trip. They get to know each other’s friends and family. and gain an insight into each other’s lives.

All three ladies meet lovely men who are wonderful guys, so there is lots of romance in this book. What’s not to love about that? One romance does put a wedge between two of the girls which makes for a bit of great drama.

Lucy discovers Will, Jules’s brother is all grown up and very sexy, Chloe discovers a hot famous movie star named Archer lives in Lucy’s street, and Jules meets a handsome wine maker named Matt in Australia.

The characters are well developed and well written. The descriptions of scenery, different traditions, food, and varying cultures, draws you into the character’s different worlds. It makes you want to get on a plane and spend Christmas somewhere else this year.

The premise of the story is charming and it’s perfect for a feel-good festive read. It will transport you all over the world. If you love Christmas, stories of friendship, romance, and happy endings, this book will leave you with a satisfied smile on your face.

My favourite part of the story is the friendship between the girls. Three women who are always there for each other, sharing in each other’s happiness, failures, and ups and downs over the years. It was an absolute joy to read.

So, next time you are looking for a festive read, I recommend this lovely story.

I give it 5 stars.

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