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Book Review-'The Back Up Plan' by Elsie McArthur

I really enjoyed this book. Elsie brings lovable characters to life, in an entertaining and satisfying read, that will have you hooked from the very first page.

The book is set in Scotland. We meet Marsaili, a thirty something actress who left her quaint seaside town she grew up in, to persue an acting a career in Glasgow. However, life doesn’t always turn out like we hoped. Poor Marsaili has been working in a theatre behind the bar waiting for her big break for ten years.

All around her, friends and family are getting married, having babies, or forging ahead in their careers. Although she can see her dreams of being a successful actress fading away before her very eyes, she resolves to give it one last shot.

In the meantime, two very inconvenient distractions come along. One is Euan, a good-looking soap star, acting in the holiday pantomime, who shows interest in her. The other is handsome, yet sensible Will, the new theatre manager, who warns her to be careful about falling for Euan.

Marsaili starts dating Euan, he is really into her, and she can’t believe her luck. She can’t help but also notice Will. It couldn’t possibly work out with him? Will is socially awkward and coming out of a messy divorce. Not to mention he is also her boss.

She finds herself drawn back to her home town, and re-evaluates her life, while spending time with her family.

Is Euan who he says he is? Can she resist Will’s charm? Can she give up her dream, be a grown up, and default to her ‘Back Up Plan Career’, and possibly be happy. She sure doesn’t want to pour drinks for the rest of his life.

This book is full of laughter, drama, and follows one woman’s journey of self-discovery. I give it five stars.

If you would like to check out Elsie’s book, click the links below.

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