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Book Review - 'Take A Moment' By Nina Kaye

This is the first book I have read by this author. I loved it.

In this story we meet Alex. Living in her hometown of Glasgow, she is in the prime of her life. Our protagonist is engaged to her childhood sweetheart Dom, has a great job as an IT Project Manager, and is planning her dream wedding. When an unexpected fall occurs at work, it leads to a devastating diagnosis and suddenly her world as she knew it, gets turned upside down.

The diagnosis has a negative effect on her relationships with her family and friends. She feels as though everyone around her is treating her with kid gloves. She feels completely and utterly suffocated.

When her mother and sister take over the wedding plans, her best friend treats her differently, her workplace takes her off an important project she had been working hard on, and she has an awful fight with Dom that leads to a breakup, Alex decides to move to Birmingham to start a new independent life away from all the people who think she can’t cope.

Determined that the diagnosis won’t define her, she embarks on her adventure.

She meets a handsome man on the train trip to her new city. There are instant sparks between them. Their paths cross many more times and although Alex is attracted to him, she keeps her distance emotionally as to avoid getting hurt. She keeps her diagnosis a secret as she believes no one would want to be in a relationship with ‘damaged goods’.

With a new home, a new job with a supportive employer, and a handsome new friend who could be more, Alex settles into her new life.

Can she maintain her independence and live her life her way? Will she receive the support from her loved ones to continue to be the driven, capable go getter she has always been without them taking over?

This is an insightful book that explores the physical and emotional effects of a life altering diagnosis. Whilst it deals with sensitive issues, it remains upbeat and light-hearted throughout. The author is also living with a life-changing diagnosis similar to that of the main character. The book is well written, honest, and heart-warming in every way.

A great read. I give it 5 stars.

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