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Book Review- 'Snowbound' By Monique McDonell

This fun little festive novella is a story about heartbreak, friendship, holiday plans gone wrong, and finding something wonderful when you least expect it.

Monique draws the reader in and makes you fall in love with the characters from the get go.

Zara, our protagonist, boards a flight from Sydney to New York, to spend Christmas with her boyfriend Mike. Mike couldn’t make it back for Christmas, so she decides to go to him.

On boarding the plane, she finds herself seated next to a very handsome and helpful stranger named Kyle. He is somewhat of a celebrity, yet Zara has no idea who he is, and will later find out. They enjoy each other’s company on the flight.

A blizzard hits, and they find themselves stranded in Denver. While in Denver, Zara discovers her so called boyfriend is a coward, and was only trying to find a way to let her down gently, when he left for New York, but at least he wasn’t as cruel as Kyle's ex.

Kyle kindly offers Zara a place to stay at his fellow celebrity friend’s cozy mansion. Kyle’s ex and her entourage, unexpectedly join them at the mansion and they all spend Christmas together.

Stuck in the snow building her first snowman with a handsome stranger, wasn’t exactly the Christmas she had imagined, when she embarked on her journey. Zara and Kyle definitely have chemistry and have become great friends. Was it something more? Zara finds out when she returns home to Sydney.

This book is an easy to read, feel good romance, and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. You will find yourself cheering for Zara from the beginning, to the very end.

You can find more of Monique’s books on the links below.

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