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Book Review - 'One Night In Edinburgh' by Nina Kaye

This is the second book I have read by Nina Kaye and I have to say, I loved it just as much as the first.

In this book we meet Steph. She works in a job she adores for a non-profit charity and has a strained relationship with her immediate family who feel both her job, and her partner are not good enough for her or their social status.

Our protagonist’s long-term partner Connor, suddenly and out of the blue reveals he is gay and tells her he wants to leave. On reflection, she realises their relationship had something missing all along and they remain firm friends, offering each other ongoing support.

In order to cheer herself up, she attends a Hogmanay street party with her bestie. Here she has a chance encounter with the gorgeous Jamie. Instant sparks of attraction ignite between the two and the New Year's Fireworks aren’t the only thing brightening Steph’s night.

The only problem is after the night ends, Steph realises she never exchanged numbers with the handsome stranger and sets out on a mission to find him. I won’t give too much away, but her method is part genius and part farfetched ridiculous. But it works, and she tracks him down.

After spending some wonderful time together, Jamie pulls away, becomes distant, and disappears again. What is he hiding? Is he married? Did she do something wrong? Does he think she and Connor are back together, now he has moved back in? She may never know, as once again, she has no way of contacting him. Jamie knows where she lives. All she can do is hope he makes contact with her.

Jamie does have a secret that Steph later discovers by chance when she bumps into him one night. Will his secret destroy their connection? Will Steph’s family ever accept what makes her happy? Will she and Jamie be able to build a future together?

Nina has a way of tackling sensitive subjects with care and compassion, much like the main character in the story. The story touches on sexuality, family conflict, friendships, trauma and adversity. It asks the question can love overcome these obstacles?

This is a heartfelt story to lift your spirts and restore your faith in humanity. I really enjoyed it. I give it 5 stars !

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