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Book Review-'Love on the Rocks' by Elsie McArthur

This is the second book, I have read by Elsie McArthur, and just like the first, it did not disappoint. I read her first book titled ‘The Back Up Plan’ earlier this year, and really enjoyed it. ‘Love on the Rocks’, was even better. Elsie is a great story teller. This book had me hooked from the get go.

In this book, we meet Rachel. Having escaped a less than ideal childhood, and an unhappy marriage, she takes a job running a distillery in the little seaside town of Innescreag, in the Scottish Isles, leaving her old life in Glasgow behind. The beautiful descriptions of the town, make you wish you were there, alongside the protagonist. Elsie has created a fictional town that is sure to make you smile.

Rachel knows nothing about running a distillery, but is quickly accepted as one of their own by the locals in this picturesque heart-warming town. When the current elderly owner, Edith, dies, Rachel unexpectedly inherits the distillery.

A major corporation has been trying to acquire the distillery for many years. Edith’s dying wish is for Rachel to stop them getting their hands on it. Duncan, A lawyer sent to the island to try and seal the deal, is both sexy and charming, and the instant chemistry between he and Rachel is electric. Rachel begins to wonder if she can keep her promise to Edith.

Duncan then brings a tall blonde stranger to the island who claims to be a long lost relative of Edith’s, and wants to stake her claim on the property. Rachel then tries to juggle her growing feelings for Duncan, dealing with a pending court case, and her ex-husband turning up to try and win her back, all while trying to hold on to the distillery.

Throughout the story secrets are revealed, with some unexpected plot twists along the way. The book addresses some sensitive subjects, with a couple hitting close to home for me. This helped me relate to the main character. I found myself both laughing, and crying at times.

The story explores, divorce, infidelity, infant loss and infertility, family loyalty, love, loss, grief, friendship, and forgiveness. I loved this book, and give it five stars. I would give it six if I could.

I am one of this authors biggest fans.

If you would like to check out the work of this very talented and lovely lady, click on the links below.

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