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Book Review-'Flying Solo' by Zoe May

This book was a fun and easy read. If you like an unexpected adventure, with a little romance thrown in, this book is for you.

In this story, we meet Rachel. Rachel is a super-organised and highly motivated millennial, living in London. She works as a tax lawyer, and lives with her boyfriend Paul. They have been together for six years.

Rachel has a ‘Life List’ where she ticks of things she has wanted to achieve by the age of thirty. Everything has been ticked off that list, except one. A ring on her finger.

So, when Paul wants to go to the restaurant where they had their first date, Rachel is convinced the final task is about to be ticked off the list. She is convinced he is going to finally ask her to marry him.

She is however, sadly mistaken. Instead, Paul drops the bombshell that he is leaving her, as he feels stifled in the relationship. This is news to Rachel. She thought they were happy. They have a great life together, not to mention a lovely home they havd poured their heart and soul into over the past six years.

He tells her he is going to India, as he needs a break away from her. Rachel is of course, left reeling in shock at his revelation. Heartbroken, she decides to follow him to India, books a plane ticket, takes leave from work, and before too long, finds herself at The Ashram where Paul is staying. She believes once he has had his bit of ‘space’, they can patch things up.

Paul went to India to ‘find himself’, but is Rachel the one who will find unexpected enlightenment?

I enjoyed this book. It is light hearted and fun. It left me smiling.

Zoe brings likable characters to life, and as the reader, you almost feel like you are accompanying the main character on her adventure of a lifetime.

I give it 4 stars.

If you would like to check out Zoe's books, click on the links below.

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