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Book Review - 'Finding You' By Elizabeth Holland

I am a big fan of Elizabeth’s sweet romance books. When I found out that she was releasing a romantic thriller, I was interested to see what it was like, as it was something completely different from this author.

After coming home to find blood on the floor and her boyfriend missing, Laura finds herself on the run, living rough on the streets of London, under the fake name of Claire. With her boyfriend Sean being an undercover cop, she always feared something would happen to him one day.

She fears for her life and that of her family, choosing to stay hidden, and homeless. Laura can’t even withdraw money from her bank account for fear of it being tracked back to her location.

Who is it she is running from, and what do they want? Laura is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to Sean even if that means she discovers he is dead, but who can she trust?

When Laura ends up in hospital a handsome young doctor sympathises with her plight. He vows to help find Sean and keep her safe. But as time goes on Laura starts to wonder if she should trust him?

Will Laura find someone she can trust to help her, and will she find Sean alive?

Elizabeth plunges us into a dark world with drug dealers, danger, suspense, and action, all with romance at its core.

The flashback scenes give us an in-depth look at Laura and Sean’s relationship and as a reader, you feel the pain Laura is experiencing not knowing what happened to the love of her life. Elizabeth makes you care about the characters.

The plot is captivating, the characters relatable, and the story is engaging. The suspense building is great throughout the book, and there are plenty of twists and turns right to the very end.

I really enjoyed it and give it ****stars.

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Ooh this sounds great! Not a bad skill to be able to write romance and thrillers!! X

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