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Book Review-'Cleaning The Slate' by Andrea Warrilow

This story is book number one in ‘At The Cliff Top Series’. If you like a bit of romance and you are an animal lover, these books are for you.

Andrea brings likeable colourful characters to life in this heart-warming book. This story is easy to read and features, a movie star, a widow trying to find a distraction, friendship, and lots of horses. What’s not to love about that?

In this story we meet Carrie. Carrie is trying to deal with the recent loss of her husband Matt. Her lifelong love of horses leads her to a job in a livery yard, where Carrie and the owner become firm friends. Working on the property is a welcome distraction from Carrie’s grief. The job doesn’t pay an awful lot, but Carrie enjoys it.

A chance meeting with an old friend, finds Carrie being introduced to Caleb, a Hollywood movie star currently living between the US and the UK. Caleb tells Carrie he is looking for a complete change of pace, and is sick of all the fake glitz and glamor of the movie scene.

They both enjoyed each other’s company the night they met, but Carrie is sure she will never see him again. She is attracted to him, but is certain, he wouldn’t be interested in little old her. She was wrong.

They meet again when he brings a fellow actor to the property for some riding lessons for a movie role. Caleb tells Carrie he wants the quiet life, a property with lots of animals. He asks her if she would look at some properties with him and give her opinion on them. He tells her, although he still has a movie to wrap up filming on in the US, he plans to move back to the UK and settle there.

They really enjoy each other’s company and there is an undeniable spark between them. Caleb is not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to letting Carrie know how he feels about her, as they start to grow closer. Carrie isn’t sure is if she is ready to move on after losing Matt.

Carrie eventually gives into Caleb’s charm, as he sweeps her off her feet. Carrie ends up with more than just a charming man to share the rest of her life with, in fact, never in her wildest dreams did she think her life would turn out quite like this.

Do yourself a favour, and cosy up in your pj's with this feel good book, and be sure to check out books two and three in the series, titled ‘Building The Dream’ and ‘Turning The Tide’.

I give it four and a half stars.

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