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Book Review - 'Christmas At The Vintage Bookshop Of Memories' by Elizabeth Holland

Those of you who read my blog. would know, I am a big fan of this lovely lady, and her books. I read 'The Vintage Bookshop of Memories' a few months ago, and loved it. When I heard Elizabeth was releasing a sequel, I pre-ordered my copy as soon as it became available.

This wonderful book is a heart warming short read. Although this book is a sequel to 'The Vintage Bookshop of Memories' it can be read as a stand alone.

From the very first page, you are happy to be reunited with Prue and Elliott, the main characters from 'The Vintage Bookshop of Memories'. I really enjoyed returning to the cosy village of Ivy Hatch, one year later, for Prue and Elliot's wedding.

The wedding is a back story. The main story revolves around her best friend Katie, when she returns to the village for Prue's wedding. Katie comes to the village with no job, and no where to live. The story centres around the dynamics of close female friendships.

Katie is in a fragile state, having recently come out of a break up, and leans on Prue for support. The girls have a lovely friendship, and Katie is a likable heroine you'll want to get behind.

There is a chance of romance for Katie, with local farmer Austin, but Katie isn't sure if she's ready for a new relationship. Will the help of her best friend and the magic of the Christmas season, help Katie open up to the possibility of finding love again?

By the time the wedding roles around, Katie has far more than she ever thought possible. I really loved it, and as usual, Elizabeth does not disappoint with her story telling.

I do recommend that you read 'The Vintage Bookshop of Memories' before reading this book, as it will help you connect with the characters, and the significance of her mother's beloved bookshop to the story.

I give this book 5 stars *****

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