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Book Review - 'Blue Skies' by Alana Oxford

If you are looking for a light, uplifting story that will bring a smile to your face, look no further. 'Blue Skies' is a short sweet read for all lovers of romance out there.

We meet Patrice and her adorable little Pomeranians. When taking her dogs for a walk in the park, one of her dogs, Mr Muffins, makes an escape. A kind, yet shy stranger comes to her rescue. Her knight is shining armour.

This kind stranger is Seth. Instant chemistry bubbles away between the two of them. Seth is a bit awkward and lacks confidence with the ladies, but Patrice is smitten with him from the get go. He is sweet, and a bit of a geek.

Patrice is rather certain that Seth might be ‘the one’. As they get to know each other it becomes clear they have so much in common, and really enjoy each other’s company. Not to mention the attraction between them is palpable from the very start.

When Patrice finds out that Seth’s sister, who he is extremely close to, is dating her ex-boyfriend, she wonders why fate would deal her such a cruel blow. Seth could be the one after all, but could she handle having her ex entangled in her social circle, if they were to be together?

Patrice must work through her own demons if she is to hold onto the man of her dreams.

I love the fact that Seth is very real character and not your typical confident hunk we normally find in a romance. He is more my type, so I loved his character. One for the real men of the world! The main characters are down to earth and likable, both getting into funny and embarrassing situations throughout the story.

This story brings lots of laughs, romance, a satisfying twist, and two adorable dogs. What more could you want? I recommend this short read, if you need something to lift your spirits.

I give it ***** stars

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