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Book Review- 'And Then There Was You' By Suzy Turner

This book is a profound look at relationships and the impact they have on our lives.

The story follows Eve. She is married to Matt, her childhood sweetheart, has a good job, and lives in a nice house in the suburbs, but Eve hides a secret.

Three years earlier she had a passionate short fling with another man named Adam, while on a trip to London. There was no denying there was an overwhelming spark between them. Eve had tried to put that night to the back of her mind and get on with both her marriage to Matt, and her life. That was until Adam happened to move in next door with his lovely wife.

They discover the attraction between the two of them is still as strong as it was three years ago. Adam and Eve? What are the odds? Did fate bring them back together? Her all-consuming attraction to Adam makes her question her own marriage to Matt.

Can they ignore the obvious attraction towards each other and what might they be missing that is happening right under their noses, as they try hard to hide their feelings for each other from their partners.

Our protagonist experiences a roller coaster of emotions including betrayal, guilt, happiness, and sadness, all thrown into one.

This book is easy to read, well written, contains lashings of good old fashioned British humour, and some steamy sex scenes. The story line is very predictable, but that is not always a bad thing.

The characters face many issues that may hit a bit too close to home for some readers. This is what makes the book both entertaining and thought provoking. One loss Eve had to come to terms with hit close to home for me, so I could really relate to what she was feeling.

I give it four and a half stars ****1/2

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Suzy Turner
Suzy Turner
May 29, 2020

Such a fabulous review!! You've made my day, Hayley. Thank you!

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