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Book Review- 'A Sprinkle Of Love' By Rebecca Ridge

This self-published novella is a heartwarming little romance that will make you smile. Who doesn’t love a holiday fling?

Rebecca has a lovely way of describing the scene, placing the reader among the sights, sounds and smells. This book is set at Christmas time, which only makes it more romantic.

Kirsten is our protagonist, who is reeling from a painful breakup. After some encouragement from her mum, she embarks on an impromptu trip from her home in the US, to a fishing town in England to spend Christmas with Cissy, an old friend of her mum’s.

She embarks on a holiday romance with Cissy’s handsome son Dale. Dale shows her around and helps her get into the holiday spirit, which she thought she had well and truly lost, after having to leave her children with their father, back in the US.

Kirsten receives a mysterious prediction from a local homeless lady, and wonders what it might mean. She doesn’t let it worry her, as she simply wants to enjoy the moment with this man who has made her smile again.

After enjoying a lovely Christmas, which involved a nice unexpected surprise, Kirsten heads back home to discover a previous chance encounter she had put out of her mind, might just be her destiny after all.

This book leaves you feeling happy, is fast paced, and a delight to read.

Check out Rebecca’s work here :

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