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A Great Space To Write

Every author needs a creative space to write their stories. It may be a home office, a library, a park under the shade of a big gum tree, by the beach, or locked in your bedroom while trying to escape the kids and get some peace and quiet, until they come knocking on your door, or course.

My usual space is the dining room table, or my desk at work, if I have a few minutes of down time and inspiration strikes. Shhhh...Don’t tell my boss.

When writers block strikes me down, I need a change of scenery, to help get the creative juices flowing again. If I escape the four walls of my house, the fog usually lifts, and one or two more chapters flow onto the page.

I have taken my trusty laptop to many a local café, but in the last year, I have discovered a little local gem. I intended to go to another regular café of mine, but needed to go to the chemist. On the way, I walked past a cool looking place that instantly drew me in.

Anyone who has read my books, knows they are fun and light hearted. This local gem is a quirky and fun space. I like things that are different, and that’s exactly what this café is. It is unique, while also being warm and welcoming.

This local gem is Mr Watkins Café and Bar in High Street Penrith. By day it is a café, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, it is a bar and restaurant. Its decor is themed like the library of Captain Watkin Tench, an 18th century explorer. Hence the name, Mr Watkins.

There is dim lighting, and a long shelf full of old books alongside the booths. You can smell them when you walk in the door, that’s if the smell of their great coffee doesn’t hit you first. All writers love old books, are mostly coffee addicts, and like a comfortable space to write. Add in great food and friendly staff, and you can see why I can sit there for hours working on my next book.

Next time I suffer writers block, on a day off, when my partner is at work, and we don’t have his children, you know where to find me.

Check out their Facebook Page and Website Below.

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