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A Christmas Message From Author, And My Friend, Rebecca Ridge

Guest Post

Hello, I’m Romance and Erotica author – Rebecca Ridge. I am both touched and honoured to be invited back for the second year running to kick off the festive season on the wonderful and insanely talented, Hayley Walsh’s blog.

Hayley and I were each other’s first followers on Twitter and have remained firm friends ever since; supporting each other’s endeavours, and having fun whilst doing it. If you haven’t already, and you’re in the mood for a fun read, filled with laughs, you should head over and grab one of Hayley’s books. A sure-fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season.

A smile, is a simple gift that we can give to anyone. May it be a friend, a relative, your child, your partner, or even a stranger you walk by in the street. It costs nothing to give, but what a simple gesture of a smile could mean to someone is priceless. Everyone is fighting something- nothing in life is perfect. This is something I have fought with myself this year.

I find myself writing this blog post and searching deep inside for some of my usual Christmas cheer to share with you all and I’m struggling, but you know what- that’s okay. 2021 has been filled with highs so high I could touch the sky and lows so low that I’ve felt the fires of the underworld burn my feet. But, I’m still here and I’m still fighting. I’m learning that it’s okay to fall as long as you get back up…

Christmas is my favourite time of year, filled with magic and child like awe that we can all feel – young or old. Mulled wine and mince pies. The smell of spiced apple and freshly baked cookies. Warm fires and hot chocolate and let’s not forget, cheesy Christmas movies, filled with plot holes, bad back drops and unrealistic expectations that we only forgive, because of the warm fuzzy feeling that you get in your belly whilst watching them.

I remember when my daughter was five, we had just finished a festive movie, she ran to the window and announced that she couldn’t wait for Christmas morning because that’s when it would snow. I had gently explained she shouldn’t get her hopes up. It didn’t snow!

I love to write at this time of year- there is nothing quite like the feeling of a reader telling you that your book is like a Hallmark Christmas movie. To know that you were responsible for inspiring the feeling of Christmas inside another is about the best compliment you could achieve- especially for a Christmas crazy author like me.

I wrote 'A Sprinkle of Love' two years ago this November. It follows the story of Kirsten a young woman in her thirties, going through a divorce, and without her children at Christmas; all she wants is to go away and hide until the festive season is over, but the town she chooses as her safe haven has other ideas. It’s a heart-warming story of friendship and personal growth… and a little bit of romance. After all It wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

This year I find myself identifying with Kirsten on a deeper level. Our stories becoming similar in many ways. What Kirsten has taught me is that I need to look inside myself and find what I need to be happy… because after all, we are in charge of our own happiness.

This festive season my message to you is, be kind, you never know what someone is going through. The brightest smiles hide the darkest secrets.

And forgive openly- especially yourself.

No one and nothing are perfect… life doesn’t come with a manual- we are all winging it. Not may of us really have our shit together, we are just good at pretending.

But you know what? we’re doing alright…

With love and Christmas greetings

Rebecca xxx

A very big heartfelt thank you to Rebecca for spreading love to us all at this very special time of year. This wonderful lady will be joining me on The Write Words Podcast in 2022, and I cannot wait to finally chat with her.

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